In 1984 High Mesa Press published the first of five channeled Bartholomew books, entitled “I Come As A Brother.” After more than 250,000 copies and 11 foreign publications, it remains as one of the major spiritual understandings of our times.

Because of its similarity to so much that is being published now as “new information,” we have decided to release an audio CD of “I Come As A Brother.” It is titled “I Come As A Brother” Bartholomew Revisited, because it was clear to us that Bartholomew’s insights in the years after the original book was published added further understanding to what had been previously presented. All of the new information is from Bartholomew.

High Mesa Press presents this with the deepest hope that it will help the many of us, who are in fear and confusion, to hear from a source that comes from the very heart of Love and Wisdom that ALL IS WELL. ALL IS VERY WELL.


Mary Margaret Moore    MARY-MARGARET MOORE

Mary-Margaret has spent most of her life exploring how ordinary people can come to know that there is no separation between what we call God and that which we call "me." When channeling Bartholomew ended in 1995, she continued her search, which, among other things, has led her to see that suffering is a choice, and peace a constant possibility. She shares these insights in public talks, informal monthly CD’s, weekend seminars, and private counseling. She lives in Santa Fe, NM. To learn more, go to www.marymargaretmoore.com